“It is comforting and rewarding to see our retirees’ continued involvement with LiUNA.”
Terence M. O’Sullivan, LiUNA General President

If you are a LiUNA member approaching or in retirement, chances are you will be able to take advantage of the benefits you and your Local Union have worked for over the years. Our members are fortunate to reap the rewards of collective action made possible by joining the Laborers Union. These benefits do not end when you lay down your tools or put away your supplies for the last time. LiUNA membership means being part of a unique labor community where there is a role for everyone. When you retire, it’s not an end; it’s a beginning of doing something different for and within the union. LiUNA members are strongly encouraged to continue their membership and their involvement in making LiUNA a better union and their communities better places because of it.

We want this opportunity to strongly encourage you to remain active in your local union. Join your retiree council. If your Local Union does not have a chartered retiree council, discuss the possibility of organizing one in your area.

We hope that you will be an ACTIVE part of the LiUNA family for many more years. We need and welcome your help and expertise!

Retiree Newsletters

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