About Us

LiUNA’s Midwest Region is comprised of a group of outstanding, professional, and dedicated laborers who are proud to build up the Midwest Region. We are a safe, skilled, productive, and diverse workforce servicing Arkansas, Indiana, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, Oklahoma, South Dakota, and Texas.

We build and maintain our roads, bridges, waterways, and tunnels. By doing so, we enable everyday people to live their lives by being able to have reliable roads to drive on to work, to pick up their children, to visit friends or family, to pick up dinner, and any other number of life’s necessities. We keep the mail moving, and service the public good in state and municipal governments as well as in law enforcement and universities.

LiUNA is a leading advocate for investing in America’s future nationally, and locally through the midwestern region. It is a goal to bring unemployment down, reduce transportation costs for American households, and businesses.

LiUNA’s Midwest Region is committed to building a foundation in emerging market sectors by supporting new energy development projects such as natural gas, nuclear, solar, and wind.

Employers know they can rely on LiUNA’s trained workers to bring critical skill sets to the job site. Our members are equipped to respond to disasters throughout the country. Whether on the job site or off the site, we are here to get things fixed. Our family-oriented local unions are active in their communities volunteering when anyone is in need.

Our history is rich in tradition, and we look forward to providing the people America needs to build a better future for all of us.