LiUNA Outdoor Work


LiUNA’s Midwest Region not only provides valuable resources for our strong workforce, but also for the local communities our members reside in. We are dedicated to making the region an efficient, comfortable, and safe place to live. Keeping this in mind, we are proud to provide programs to ensure we can accomplish our goals.

One program we offer is the Laborers’ Disaster Response Team (LDRT). This is a team of volunteers who offer immediate relief to the suffering of disaster victims. The LDRT volunteers are trained to respond to emergencies and assist first responders.

In addition to the LDRT, we also offer continuous training to ensure our members are up-to-date on industry standards, and continue to develop and sharpen their skills. Our labor management program allows us to assist our contractors in obtaining more project opportunities to create jobs for LiUNA members.

LiUNA’s Midwest Region is an affiliate of the Laborers’ Home Development Corporation (LHDC), which develops affordable housing in underserved communities. The LHDC plays a large role in creating jobs for our members and contractors.

The Laborers’ Economic Development Corporation (LEDC) is also an affiliate of LiUNA Midwest Region. The LEDC specializes in promoting economic development in low income communities, upholding communities, and creating residential properties in low income communities.

LiUNA’s Midwest Region is proud to provide to the information you need to help you be more well-informed with our Governmental Affairs Department. This Department fights for Laborers and their families through political action on state and federal levels.

The health and safety of our members is our top priority. Which is why we have established the Midwest Region Health and Safety Fund. Our laborers can be comfortable knowing LiUNA Midwest is protecting your welfare on and off the jobsite.

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