Occupational Safety & Health

Consultation and Site Visits

  • Fund experts including certified industrial hygienist and safety and health specialists evaluate onsite hazards to ensure safety of workers and compliance with federal and state regulations. Assistance can also be provided over the phone or electronically.

Site Safety & Health Programs

  • Develop and review injury and illness prevention programs to help contractors reduce worker exposures to physical and health hazards. The Online Site Safety and Health Program can be tailored to each contractor’s needs.

Safety & Health Advocacy

  • Working with government agencies to ensure new standards are both protective and sensible for signatory employers. Fund staff can assist with the analysis of proposed legislation, regulation and the drafting of state and federal testimony for contractors, or the delivery of testimony in a collaborative effort.
  • The Fund can partner with contractors to apply for state and federal grants, which often require labor-management cooperation as a condition of funding.

Education, Training and Communication

Critical Incident Stress Management

  • Critical Indecent Stress Management (CISM) provides education, prevention, and mitigation of the impact of a traumatic event. If a tragic incident occurs at your worksite, MRLHSF can assist with arranging CISM services for your workforce. Trained professionals can share resources and guidance about stress reactions and symptoms, help workers cope with their feelings, and prepare to return to work. It is not psychotherapy.  It is a confidential, voluntary and education process. Ideally CISM is conducted between 24 and 72 hours after the incident, but may be held later under exceptional circumstances. To arrange for CISM contact MRLHSF at 800-218-2253.